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Zoho reports

I find that zoho reports are very informative & helpful with tracking clients & employees performances. It is very customizable to fit our business tracking needs & has so many features & options. It helps report closing deals & getting deals to closing, and tracking back on all those who have worked on that deals. It also is customizable to continue with tracking and following up. I highly recommend Zoho reports along with their many features for a complete business clients tracking solution. Sincerely Rachel Miller

Beautiful Business Dashboards

We use Zoho Reports for iPad to view Zoho CRM Analytics. The depth of data available to create custom reports and dashboards is awesome. A must have for companies looking for anytime business intelligence. Wonderful customer support too!

Zoho Reports

Great app. Fast. Accurate. Could use search field

Great addition

I have used Zoho Reports for many years. It is a great product and hits the mark on ease of use, power and cost With the recent changes they made in UI working on safari from iPad is much improved. But the app is still a much better experience. It would be great if they could figure out how to allow branding of app as we do for our white label solution. Also... would love an Apple TV app too ! Great app ... great product

ZOHO Reports

This app is a great representation of the web based software. It really is all encompassing and they have great customer service. Though the software can be a bit challenging for the non-specialist to work with and set up,it has many great features and functionality.

Great App

I am a Zoho customer and have been very pleased with their progress, especially in the data analytics arena. It keeps on getting better as well and this app comes in handy on the go. I have been pleased using this app and I would recommend Zoho Reports as a business intelligence tool with not only Zoho products, but for data from other applications and also for unstructured data and Excel uploads. Good luck.

Simple and Great UI

This product is great. Try the free version to get a feel on their website...so many goodies for free. Try scheduling a data import from Google Drive and creating some reports. Everything is configurable! Well done by Zoho. I'm impressed.

Could be better

Zoho reports is a great tool, but the app seems to be a bit buggy related to running report. Seems to always be stuck in dashboard mode and nit in operation mode.

big software features that don't break the bank

I've used Zoho products for over 10 years and have implemented them at client sites. Nothing beats the integration and cost.

Could Be Better...

I've been a pretty heavy users of Zoho Reports in the enterprise for about 2 years. When I saw Zoho Reports available for the iPad, I thought I'd give it a try. My biggest gripes is that you can't edit or create reports on the iPad version. And, the selection of the displayed thumbnails could be easier, it took a long time to figure it out.

Daily Use

I use the app daily to review my sales in multiple locations. I have it set as a favorite report. Loads quickly. Works great on my iPad

OMG - I've Been Dying For This

I love zoho crm and creator and run my business off it. I love zoho reports and do all my reporting and analysis there. This is such a big compliment to the toolset - now I can get to my analysis in any meeting anywhere in town. Love it ! One small nice to have would be if the favorite reports list would show on main page (and show favorite reports from all databases) - this just saves me a click or two searching for my favorite reports.

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